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Somdet Wo Pho To Library

This building was constructed in commemoration of Somdet Phra Wannarat (Phuan Tissadatto Pali IX), who was the tenth abbot of Wat Pho in 1948 A.D.. The original building had been demolished to be replaced by a 3-storeyed building which was finished in 1999 A.D.. It is situated within the monks’ living quarter on Chetuphon Road.
   The First Floor is the temple’s library where the data and history of Wat Phra Chetuphon are collected.
   The Second Floor is the conference room where statues of the temple’s 14 abbots of Wat Pho from the past to present are enshrined.
   The Underground Floor is a museum where the temple’s precious items as well as those bestowed by the kings are stored, including the blue-and-white ceramics, the crystal wares, motherof-pearl inlaid and ivory items.

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