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Phra Buddha ChinnasriMuninat

Phra Buddha ChinnasriMuninat

Phra Buddha ChinnasriMuninat

The Principal Buddha Image in the Front Portico of the West Assembly Hall

King Rama I ordered to take Phra Buddha Chinnasri or Phra Naga Prok from Lopburi. He built a seven-headed Naga and a Mujarin tree behind the Buddha image and named the Buddha image as “Phra Naga Prok”. Later, King Rama IV renamed the Buddha image as “Phra Buddha ChinnasriMuninat”.

Art Style of Phra Buddha ChinnasriMuninat

The Buddha image is in a sitting position with the legs crossed while the right hand is on the right knee and the left hand rests on the lap appearing the attitude of Subduing Mara. Normally, for Buddha images in the attitude of meditation under the protection of a multi-headed Naga, it is popular that the two hands are folded on the lap in the attitude of Meditation. Anyway, it is because the Naga was created later in the reign of King Rama I indicating the time when a Naga named Phraya Mujarin spread the hood to protect the Buddha from a rainstorm while the Buddha was meditating under the Mujarin tree.

Phra Buddha Chinnasri appears the styles of Sukhothai and early Rattanakosin with a round face, a pointed chin, thick arched eyebrows, eyes gazing downwards, long ears, curly hair, a slight smile and a flame-shaped aureole. The robe is draped over the left shoulder and the small shawl is extended to the navel presenting the Sukhothai style.

"ยอมรับคุกกี้" เพื่อให้เว็บไซต์นำเสนอประสบการณ์ที่ดีขึ้นสำหรับคุณ

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