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Saeng Athit

The Statues of Demon
at the Entrance Door Facade of Phra Mondop

   The statues of demon at the entrance door façade of Phra Mondop were sculptured in the reign of King Rama III, during the reconstruction period of the temple, as indicated in the mcopy of the stone inscription on the Reconstruction of Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram in that period, as follows :

and the wall is composed of big green of stone ; at the three-tiered crown design door facade, there is a pair of demon statues (“Yak”) sculptured out of alloy mixture of  zinc and tin, rising to the height of 1.75 meter, each holding a club in his hands, standing on each side. Each door is decorated with two statues, so there are altogether eight statues for the four doors.”

Saeng Athit

    Saeng Athit had the appearance of vermilion red skin, a grinning mouth and crocodile eyes and always wore a headgear in the form of kranok style. He was the son of Phaya Khon of Rommakhan Kingdom and the younger brother of Mongkonkan. His personal weapon was an immensely powerful magnifying glass, named Surakan. Whatever it illuminates, a big fire would occur there. However, Saeng Athit deposited this glass with a Brahman and he would send his escort, Wichit Phairi to borrow it, whenever it was needed. When Sahatsadecha died, Thotsakan asked for aeng Athit’s help instead. The information of the invitation was heard by Pha Ram,Thus, he ordered Ongkhot to disguise himself to be Wichit Phairi and in that guise go to collect the Surakan Glass from Brahman ahead of Saeng Athit. Lacking this magic weapon, Saeng Athit was killed by Pha Ram by means of his Phrommat Arrow.

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