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The Statues of Demon
at the Entrance Door Facade of Phra Mondop
   The statues of demon at the entrance door façade of Phra Mondop were sculptured in the reign of King Rama III, during the reconstruction period of the temple, as indicated in the mcopy of the stone inscription on the Reconstruction of Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram in that period, as follows :
and the wall is composed of big green of stone ; at the three-tiered crown design door facade, there is a pair of demon statues (“Yak”) sculptured out of alloy mixture of  zinc and tin, rising to the height of 1.75 meter, each holding a club in his hands, standing on each side. Each door is decorated with two statues, so there are altogether eight statues for the four doors.”


   The appearance of  Maiyarap is of light purple skin, a grinning mouth and crocodile eyes. He usually wears a kranok from headgear  which is sometimes called Hang Kai (rooster tail). He was the son of Thao Mahayom, the demon King of the Underwater  Kingdom and Chantharaprapha. His personal magical weapon was the Pattamarat pipe and the Mantra to hypnotize the troops. He took off his Soul and hid it in the Trikut Mountain. Maiyarap become the King of the Underwater  Kingdom world after his father died. In one occasion, while traveling through the woods, he found Matchanu, the son of Hanuman and Supanna Matcha, his fish wife, and adopted him as his step son, Later, he was asked by Thotsakan to help him in the battle Maiyarap used his magic pipe to blow the magic drug which hypnotized all the soldiers of Phra Ram into sleeping, Then he carried Pha Ram to his underwater world. There, Pha Ram was imprisoned in an iron cage at palm tree plantation, waiting to be boiled to death. At the end, Hanuman  followed him to the underwater world, fought with Maiyarap and finally killed him and freed Pha Ram.

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